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New value of water-based woodblock prints as "MOKUHANGA"

For me, water-based woodblock prints are an artistic expression with new value in modern times.

As seen in traditional ukiyo-e prints, water-based woodblock prints are attractive for each process, such as the entertainingness of the painter, the flowing line carving of the carver, the coloring of the printer, and the profitability of the publisher. .. In addition, there is no shortage of examples of the texture of Japanese paper, sharpening with "Hangito(Knife)" that combines steel and iron and a natural whetstone, and the fun of materials such as Kashirodake and Honbaren. The beauty of harmony created by collaboration between people, or nature and people, is rare in the world and can be said to be a miracle of Japan. The concept is beginning to be transmitted by being called "MOKUHANGA" among artists and researchers around the world.

"What should people really care about?" I keep thinking in the uncertain and confusing modern times. And I have found some answers in connection with "MOKUHANGA". For example, "the longer it takes the better", and "the more you interact with and love the material". Even today, I am facing my artworks with the feeling of carving out and duplicating the correct answers that already exists.







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